Custom Development / Turn-Key Solutions

We can provide you with turnkey solutions to your business challenges utilizing the expertise of resources already at our disposal. We have developed a large library of re-usable modular business software components that can be assembled to provide you with an optimal solution to your business problems in a much shorter timeframe than traditional software development and with significant cost savings.

Our turnkey software practice is focused on delivering complete application development services for clients that need rapid development capabilities.

We have extensive experience developing business applications. Our approach provides many benefits to the clients including:

Reduced project risk

Reduced project direct and indirect costs

Not reinventing the wheel

Efficient resources

Our application development methodology follows an iterative model that is focused on lowering overall risk after each iteration. Research has repeatedly shown that superior project management is a significant contributory factor to project success.

Our consultants have significant experience in project management and many are PMP certified.

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